Days left to serve in 2020

I tell you, now is the time of God’s favor, now is the day of salvation.

2 Corinthians 6:2

It’s been a huge growing experience getting to be a life group leader while being in high school. I’ve been able to share some insight about what they are going through right now in middle school and what they will experience in high school and how to stay close to Jesus through it all.”

natalie elliot

A Time For Rejoicing


51 people chose to make this public confession of faith

New members

50 people decided to join Grace in membership


Grace celebrated 20 years as an organized body of Christ

If you want a glimpse of Heaven close your eyes, picture yourself in the middle of an African hut, holding hands of people of a different color, culture, language, and economic status than you, worshipping the same God. That’s Gods heart and His heartbeat is so evident in that Africa hut. My life is forever changed by experiencing Gods heartbeat with my fellow brothers and sisters in Senegal.”

Hannah thomas

Local Outreach


Provided food for over 550 children


Replaced or repaired six roofs for local residents


Over 100 children had gifts to open


Assisted 172 families with utilities


During our Mission Blitz, Grace volunteers replaced two roofs, replaced underpinning on a home, cut and delivered firewood, collected supplies for the homeless, and completed a yard clean-up.


Provided 62,500 pounds of food for individuals and families

Seeing how Grace serves and being able to jump right in and help just a couple of weeks after a storm was powerful. The physical, emotional, and spiritual needs after a flood or bad storm is tremendous. But it’s amazing to see how the love of God moves in the midst of such destruction.”

Joe millner

"I don't think anyone's life has been changed more in 2019 than mine."

James Davis, 89

Our year has been nothing short of transformative. God opened our eyes on a marriage that didn’t put him first and by His grace we now have a marriage and family where God is always first. Loving each other as loved children of Christ.”

Matt and Katie Kaylor


Grace hosted Night to Shine, a prom for people with special needs with 175 participants and 350 volunteers.

In 2019, I realized that I knew about God, but I didn’t have a relationship with him and I didn’t know how to walk in the faith. Understanding the gospel gave me a peace I have never felt before. There was a void in my heart that could only be fulfilled by the Holy Spirit. The mentorship and discipleship I received throughout my journey in 2019 helped shape me. I was able to fill the position as youth/life group leader and disciple high school freshmen.”

Cameron hayes

Being on Grace’s Worship team has been a genuine joy in my life. I am able to use the gifts God has blessed me with by being challenged in my faith and pushed to discipline myself in order to lead others well.”

caleb jones


$ 1 M

Towards budget of $1,106,000

$ 1 K
amount raised

To open new pre-school

$ 1 K
amount given

To missions and outreach

Life Group has changed my life and the way I see others. Kaye and I have a new family that’s honestly, as close as our extended family.”

David thompson

Ministry Highlights


Grace women were active throughout the year with ongoing Bible studies, mission support, and events such as Spring Fling, recurring events such as the The Well and REAL.


255 men from Grace attended four events including a wild game dinner, tailgating and focused bible studies.


Grace celebrated 470 people in 45 life groups hosted by lay leaders from Grace. These groups meet regularly for Bible study, prayer and fellowship.


130 students attended the annual Fall Nighter event for students at Grace. This overnight event included worship, games and fun.


Viewers from the US, Ecuador, Pakistan, Uganda, India, Mexico, Canada, Brazil, Iraq, Germany and more watched 315,000 minutes of videos, engaging 13,585 people and adding 611 followers to our Facebook page.


Grace Kids Camp is a 5 night event for kids, our version of vacation bible school. We averaged 250 kids each night and eight decisions for Chris this year.


Grace made a concerted effort to develop leaders with around 55 people in Leadership Cohorts, groups that meet every month preparing to lead. We have another group who are working through Equip University to develop as leaders.


Grace began worshipping "in the round" on First Wednesday. This cause setup provided an ideal backdrop for Baptism and worship from the middle of our auditorium.


59 Grace participated in 8 trips to Warsaw, North Carolina to help with rebuilding efforts for people devastated by recent hurricanes.


Grace ministered in Ecuador with medical missions and also in Senegal providing medical care along with a well pump, a generator and speaker system to spread the gospel


Grace supports Days For Girls, a ministry providing feminine hygiene kits for girls around the world. In 2019, we made, assembled and distributed 212 feminine hygiene kits to Guitir, Senegal, and Ecuador. We also taught nine Women’s Health Education classes in those communities.

“Mens Ministry has made a huge impact on my life. In fact, I’m changing jobs so I can be more involved! It means so much knowing there are other men just a phone call or text away when I’m struggling–I know they are praying for me.”

Brian Piercy

Prayer Ministry

The Grace prayer ministry prayed each Sunday before and during worship services, participated in a prayer vigil before the school year began, held a month of prayer campaign, organized a 48 hour prayer vigil, and formed a decision counseling team to prayer with people responding to the sermon.

My life in 2019.  God moved me in 2019 to step out of my comfort zone even more.  I went on my second mission trip, which was to Warsaw, NC after the hurricane had hit.  So far I have been on 2 and willing to go on more but they have all been within the continental USA.  God is moving me to step further out of my comfort zone and go to a foreign country on one.  I also became more intrigued with God’s word this past year.  I can always ask someone what they think God says about something but if I go straight to His word I know what He says about whatever has my mind boggled at that moment.  I truly believe God has placed me here at Grace to be used and it feels wonderful.  I am looking forward to what He has in store for me in 2020.”

Tina Laughridge

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